1st July 2015

Born profoundly deaf Isla has had bilateral cochlear implants which allows her attend mainstream school, however she was not able to swim safely with her classmates as her implants can not be used in water. The Tishie Yong Foundation were able to help with the purchase of a water tight system and Isla's mum writes to say, "Isla had her first swimming lesson with school yesterday and her teacher reported back that she coped really well. Isla told me she really enjoyed it too, despite being very anxious about it the night before.Isla has also been wearing her new kit in the bath and shower, a time of theday which used to be quite difficult due to Isla getting frustrated byfeeling isolated, as she bathed in complete silence, and much prefers tolisten than lip read or sign. The experience of the sound of the shower water running over her for the first time, something we take for granted and probably completely ignore, put a huge smile on her little face. We as a family will always be truly grateful.

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